Alailson Ribeiro


I have an open and great mind, suppressed by new technologies, possessing the privilege of more than 30 years of experience, working in large global and national companies, initially as a financial setter, logo followed, as an entrepreneur for hundreds of clients, as setor public and private, making constant advancement in negotiations and interpersonal and professional relationships, always aiming at a relationship with a growing group of trust with people in various social positions.

I always look for aprimoramento and a lot of self-awareness, keeping myself always deluded for new challenges.

I had an effective opportunity to create and implement a P&D project contemplated as a FINEP subsidy in 2007, where I could be in direct contact with the academic world conducting research involving direct and innovative entrepreneurship, leading time of high level of conhecimento. (Source: UNESP)", is enormous or desire of knowledge that has in this period that was of multidisciplinary fate.

I have many opportunities to effectively act as a leader in adverse times, many times composts, simultaneously by people of different cultures and nationalities, in mixed projects, which form a short orcamento à critical missão, in multiple sectors of the market, for large, medium and small, public and private, where he achieved great rewards from superiors to contracting parties.

I adore learning new things, meeting places and creating relationships with a scale of mutual trust, so I feel like being able to tell me about it and, of course, share a story with me. I am very happy and I feel truly grateful and abençoado by each person who participated, is participating and will participate in a pedacinho of your history!

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